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Bases Plastic: Rural
16.50EUR 14.85EUR
Bases Plastic: Rural
Bases Plastic: Rural
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Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)

Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)

Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)
includes two frames of plastic rural bases.

The new plastic rural bases make basing an infantry army for Flames Of War a breeze. The new bases are ideal for any force fighting in Europe (or anywhere else with dirt and trees!). The Studio team have been looking forward to the release of these bases for a very long time and are excited to add another set of pre-sculpted bases to the range.

Check out the Plastic Bases: Rural in the online store here...
View the product spotlight for the Plastic Bases: Urban Rubble (XX106)...
Learn how to use the Plastic Bases: Rural here...

Plastic Bases: Rural Frame A
Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)
Frame A of the plastic rural bases contains the majority of the bases and has two distinct themes. There are also a number of different style plugs to use in case you want fill in some of the figure recesses on a base depending your basing needs i.e. number of figures on a base or if you want to use a specific base for a specific purpose. 
Plastic Bases: Rural Frame B
Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)
Frame B contains bases and accessories that give you even more flexibility for basing your force. It includes bases with figure recesses for prone infantry figures and plenty of different plugs that allow you to personalise your infantry bases however you like. Accessories such as tree stumps and fences will allow you infantry bases to really stand out on the table.
Painted Versions of the Plastic Rural Bases
Below: Small Bases.
Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)
Below: Medium Bases.
Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)
Below: Base plugs.
Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)
Using the Plastic Rural Bases
Coming Soon...
More Examples of the Plastic Rural Bases in Use 
Below: German Gebirgsjäger.
Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)
Below: Soviet Late War infantry.
Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)
Below:: German SS.
Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107)

As you can see from these examples, the options are almost endless. What’s more, these bases allow you to tie in a pose of particular figure with base itself and that just one of the things that makes these bases so cool!

Both Frame A and B of the Plastic Rural Bases
Plastic Bases: Rural (XX107) 

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