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WHU: Guardianes de Ylthari Sleeves
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Spirit of Adventure 19.00EUR 18.05EUR
Spirit of Adventure
Spirit of AdventureSpirit of AdventureSpirit of Adventure
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Sculpture: Jonatán Monerris
Painting: Fernando Ruiz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 3
Scale: 54mm

The rains had intensified. Patsy had been almost a month without being able to leave home and, apart from cooking and eating, there wasn’t much to do. He was a Haunchwhite. His father had been the best grower of sprouts throughout the region, but Patsy was different. Such orderly and peaceful life drove him crazy. He did not know what to do and now, to make things worse, the torrential rains.

Determined to escape this monotony, he went to the forest in search of some herbs he needed to prepare a stew. He started walking and after a while he reached the stream. Normally he would have stopped there because that place beside the path was full of trees and bushes that could serve to his purposes. As the long walk under the rain was exhausting, he sat under an oak tree to take a nap.

When he awoke he was in the dark of night. It had stopped raining, but the wind swayed the trees gently and new sounds enveloped the forest. Suddenly, a click on the right caught his eye. Surely it would be a rabbit. Nothing to worry about. He got up and he was about to turn around when he hear the click again. This time only a few meters of him.

Any other villager would have panicked and fled, but Patsy felt the blood boiling and an unknown feeling came over him. He clutched his stick and ran towards the place whence the sound came. There, he found himself face to face with an angry bear. “Back, poor beast!” Patsy shouted. “You have met your match!” The bear turned abruptly, saw her tiny opponent and dealt him a blow. Patsy fell down and rolled several meters on itself. The current of the river had risen, so he thought this was his best chance. The bear advanced on him and was ready to devour him when suddenly Patsy leaped to grab a branch. The bear, seeing him jumping,  lunged right at the moment when Patsy was holding a branch and flew off with it. He flew several meters grabbed to the branch and dropped it when he fall face down on the ground. Then, he looked back and saw that the bear had disappeared swallowed by the powerful river flow. Patsy was saved. He sighed in relief and then noticed a new urge that made his small body trembling tightly, an uncontrollable desire to follow that path. Now nothing stood between Patsy and his… spirit of adventure.

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